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Every business wants to be able to hire, engage and retain the best talent on the planet – Future of Work supports organisations to develop the blueprint of how it’s done;  building the frameworks, helping design the ‘how’ and once it's working, handing it over… for you to develop and grow.



Situational Diagnosis

It's not always clear exactly what's not working and what needs to be done to improve performance and outcomes. Seek to understand your talent challenges and problem root causes in order to determine the best way forward. This involves a relatively short but intense period of time getting 'under the hood' of your hiring practices and processes and defining or explaining the nature of the challenge.


Talent Brand

A business without an awesome talent brand is missing a vital component of their growth strategy. Developing a brand that unites your internal people while also speaking to and attracting all your potential future hires is something many companies simply haven't gotten around to. The project involves running focus groups around the business, persona creation, formulation of identity, voice, tone and language and then a design to bring it all to life.


Interview For Success

We help you make confident hiring decisions by coaching you on structuring and conducting interviews to get what you need while giving your candidates a great experience. Mastering evidence-based interviewing techniques helps you move away from decisions made on gut feel, subjective perceptions and unconscious bias. Reduce mis-hires and time to hire while raising quality of hires.



An Employer Value Proposition sets out the rewards, mission and shared vision between an employee and employer. It helps shape an individual’s total employment experience and, done well, improves employee engagement and performance levels. Developing an EVP involves research and workshopping which itself can be highly rewarding. The outcome brings measurable results improving new starter engagement and advocacy.


Candidate Experience

Candidate and employee experience has never been so important. Designing the optimum journey has a measurable impact on the ELTV (Employee Lifetime Value) of your people. We use Design Thinking principles in the evaluation and design of a great candidate and employee experience journey map. The result is a living, breathing tool you will use to plan and execute on your people strategies as your business grows.


Tools & Tech

The days of the big, clumsy old Applicant Tracking Systems are numbered. There are a great number of awesome technology offerings taking the market by storm and some are excellent. Depending on the size and needs of your business, getting the right ATS can literally make or break your Talent acquisition function. It's essential to conduct a rigorous and critical review of the tools available and select the right one for your business.



You may be spending too much on recruitment without the return you need. Change takes an intentional approach to build a sourcing strategy to solve your hiring challenges. Direct hires, referrals, agency hires, retained search - all have a place. A successful strategy will improve every channels performance. Eg. a well designed referral programme will return between 30% and 60% of your overall hires. Does yours?


Panel Selection

Having recruitment partners is a smart strategy, even if only for niche, hard to fill or exec roles. A great recruiter can slash your time to hire, improve engagement and add immeasurable value. However, finding good recruiters is way harder than it should be. We run the process of selecting a great panel so you don't have to. Mapping, RFI's, evaluations, references, terms, negotiations and comprehensive on-boarding - everything that make for long term, measurable success.


Learning and development for your people is a critical component of growth. Future of Work runs regular half day or full day training workshops on and offsite. Topics include Unconscious Bias, Evidence Based Interview Techniques, Hiring Processes for Start Ups and SME's

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