The Future of Employer Branding

Start investing in employee experience or risk being found out.

An employer brand is no longer just a cool careers page, slick website and posting nicely written job adverts. Employer brands that will have the desired impact for the future are grounded in employee “experience”.

The average time a person researches a potential new employer is 2 hours. During that time they will traverse the likes of LinkedIn, Glassdoor and Facebook in search of clues to how employees feel about working there. Employers need to start thinking about that, as the most logical place to start before designing their employer branding.

My advice is to create a long term strategy to design your employee experience, from pre-join, through each step-stage of the journey of an employee, right through to exit and post exit. The potential of ELTV (Employee Lifetime Value) has been redefined in recent times, not focusing simply on engagement, ramp up and retention, but how high and how long the peaks of contribution can reach before the inevitable decision to leave and subsequent southward slope towards exit.

If your company isn’t a great place to work, then no matter what you write on your careers pages and job adverts, the truth will be told in your employee and ex-employee reviews and shared in alumni groups.

If a company wants to create a great employer brand they need to invest in their employee experience so their people are inspired to stay and will maximise their potential while they’re there.

Josh Bersin of Deloitte suggests the post exit relationship is also a key area companies should be investing in to maintain the relationship with employees so that they become lifetime brand advocates long after they’ve left.

The bottom line here is that a company’s number one product is their people. Invest in them and increating a great employment experience and a great employer brand will follow. The careers pages and enticing job promotions are still relevant but not without true employee experience to back it up.