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Reconverse Sydney

  • Kitty Hawk (upstairs) 16 Phillip Lane Sydney, NSW, 2000 Australia (map)

Building Direct Sourcing Capability

This event is exclusively for in-house talent acquisition professionals.

Changing perceptions that you are more than a transactional 'admin' function is the biggest thing to start you on your journey. If you don’t have the ear of the CEO, you cannot get the resources you need. How do you work to change that and deliver real value to your business?

You can change that perception and you can quantify the cost and value and get the tools you need to deliver talent. 

Thanks to many different sources and approaches, employers have access to the same potential candidate pools as 3rd party recruiters. Yet, many employers are still not embracing the obvious benefits of being able to source their candidates directly. Direct resourcing allows employers to deliver the employer brand message/experience that is true to them, instead of a representation from a 3rd party recruiter

This event looks the benefits of direct recruitment and how a company can use it effectively to recruit the best talent and deliver real business benefits. We will discuss:

  • Discovering the potential of a direct resourcing model. It is much more than just sourcing candidates it covers a wide range of areas including advertising, brand, referrals, candidate engagement, communication and much more.

  • Why it has become increasingly more important for employers to be in control of their own talent pools and talent pipelines, as candidate behaviours are changing quickly.

  • Is LinkedIn is the only option for talent, it isn’t. For example, LinkedIn in October 2015, LinkedIn had 97M active monthly members in comparison to 1.49B on Facebook.

  • Are you ready to implement a direct resourcing model from a skills and technology perspective?

  • Why direct resourcing is more beneficial than leaving your employer brand to be represented to candidates by 3rd parties.

  • How important your hiring managers need to be, and how a collaborative approach with your recruitment team will yield untapped talent.

  • Are there ways to get easy access to temp and contingent hires.

  • Do you really need agreements in place to manage your preferred agencies?

We will have insight from Emma Jones, Head of Talent (Global), ansarada who will present on how she has developed a direct sourcing function and set up her teams to succeed. 

Direct from the UK, Jeremy Russon from Candidate.ID, the most innovative Talent Pipeline Software Platform for the Age of the Candidate will present, 'How recruitment can deliver real financial benefits to your business.'