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Men Championing Change #5

The focus of this Meetup group is on working together to achieve a significant and sustainable improvement in the unacceptably low levels of women in technology and leadership. Advancement rates are low, and the pace of change has been too slow.

"Unconference" style (or Open Space) event, where you the participants, decide what topics are discussed.

This format enables the rapid exchange of ideas and information. To help curate, we've created this 30 second survey so you can tell us what's most important to you. It will help us shape the event and provide some great people who can help with providing knowledge and expertise in each group.
Here's the link:

We'll put a number of topics up on the wall with a group name & location assigned to each, then you decide which group you want to be in, go to the group and join the discussion. You are free to move to another group whenever you want to.

Some of the benefits to an Open Space/Unconference:
* Attendees get to focus on topics that are relevant to them
* Gives flexibility to the schedule
* Interactions can lead to productive collaborations

• What to bring
At least one relevant person from your company/team

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